2017-06-06 13:56:25 by ArtDeepMind

Im available for commissions, if anyone interested.

Reasonable rates.


2017-03-17 05:33:29 by ArtDeepMind

PLEASE, support by making a pledge or just by sharing, it will help a lot, thank you guys! :)

Card game

2016-11-02 12:53:47 by ArtDeepMind

You like card games? I have an opportunity to work on one.

Like FB page for more

Instagram? Me? #Inktober

2016-10-02 05:09:30 by ArtDeepMind

Hi guys, I made an Instagram account for inktober challenge.

You can follow me here or just look sometimes, I will appreciate it :)


2016-04-12 18:33:25 by ArtDeepMind

I made this new youtube channel, give me a sub if you can, I will appreciate it.

Simply, I made it just because I want to improve at character design, so I draw some people I know into some cool characters.